How to make nursing SMART & easy by digitalizing your facility with SiNA.


By using our smart sensor technologies your facility will move from analog and routine based to a digital and event driven care. With the smart sensor technology installed our software solution will enable you to monitor up to 40 nursing rooms at the same time.

You will see how:

Smart Nursing Professional

Flow of information

Allover access to critical information! Constant digital flow of information between employees of the nursing staff minimizes paper-based errors and provides instant and allover access to relevant data.

Automated Prioritization

Focus on the most important and urgent tasks! A traffic light classification system prioritizes possible incidents and enables you to be there first where help is most urgently needed.

AI based Forecasts

Prevent incidents before they occur! AI as part of our solution analyzes collected data to provide preventive measures for risk such as falls, pressure ulcers, malnutrition, pain, incontinence or MSRA.

Efficient Personnel Deployment

Get the best out of your limited resources! Optimize your deployment of nursing staff in the face of an increasing shortage of skilled workers in the healthcare sector.

Event driven Response

Avoid inefficient routines and react when needed! The planning of care measures and the necessary personnel deployment are automatically managed on a case-by-case basis and not by fixed routines or inefficient schedules.

Continuous App Development

Customized features. Work with us and enhance your solution with customized features.

SMART Nursing Dashboard

Your care facility will be equipped with smart sensor technology and our software solution. The SMART Nursing Dashboard includes three key features:

Das digitale Pflegezimmer


The maximum attention for your patients is ensured by allover and immediate access to a constant flow of health information


Incident Management

A traffic light classification system prioritizes possible incidents and enables you to be there first where help is most urgently needed.

Digitale Datenerfassung am Pflegebett

Remote Control

Smart Home Actors enable you to remote control hazards like the stove, running water, the air conditioning and many more.

Available Sensor Data

Event Driven Care due to Smart Sensor Technology and our Intelligent App

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What if…

Das digitale Pflegezimmer

…we could dramatically relieve the pressure on your nursing staff?


…we could give you the necessary tools to take care of more patients with less effort?

Digitale Datenerfassung am Pflegebett

…we could predict incidents before they occur?

How to get started?

Time to revolutionize and join the digital age!

Step #1

Contact us and sign up for our service.

Step #2

Our technical support equips your care facility with our smart sensor technology.

Step #3

Our IT support sets you up with our standard or customized professional solution.

Step #4

Your staff will be trained in the application of our solution by our consultants.

Step #5

Enjoy smart & easy nursing in the digital age!

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Nursing homes

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How to make caring for your loved ones SMART & easy with the support of SiNA, your digital nurse at home

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