How to make caring for your loved ones SMART & easy with the support of SiNA, your digital nurse at home.


Caring for a beloved family member at home has become quite usual. One of the biggest challenges in doing so is balancing everyday life with caring for a loved one. It is almost impossible to master your own work and at the same time take care of the health of the person in need.

There is a lack of information flow about the current state of health of the person you want to take good care of. Additionally, there is no possibility of predicting future events such as falls, pressure ulcers, malnutrition, pain, incontinence or MSRA. The planning of care measures and the necessary personal commitment are not yet carried out on a case-by-case basis and are therefore inefficient.

With the help of SiNA you will be automatically informed when help is needed, and you can also take appropriate measures remotely. With a simple app and our sensor technology installed at the place where nursing is needed you will:

How SMART Nursing Works

Five easy steps to make it work

Step #1

Connect Sensors

Step #2

Install App

Step #3

Stay informed

Step #4

Respond event driven

Step #5

Enjoy the digital age of nursing

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